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» » 10 Telling Examples of the Power of B2B Influencer Marketing

10 Telling Examples of the Power of B2B Influencer Marketing

20-04-2017, 04:35
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10 Telling Examples of the Power of B2B Influencer Marketing


Businesses of all sizes across the world are leveraging the help of influencers for their B2B marketing. B2B influencer marketing is a cheap and efficient way to create successful marketing campaigns spanning a variety of marketing channels without investing a huge amount of time into them. But the real question is:
What is Influencer Marketing?
Influencer marketing is the process of integrating people of influence into your marketing strategy in order to increase:
The number of visitors to a website
The number of "likes", "shares", and "follows" on social media
The number of sales on an e-commerce platform
The amount of traffic to a specific landing page of a website
Simply put, influencer marketing is using the voice of a thought or industry leader to get your brand's message to your audience on your behalf. It's an easy way to use the celebrity status of a person to encourage your audience to listen to you.

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The Benefits of Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is important because it is a way for one person to influence the masses through various digital forms. Influencer marketing is:
A way to connect to customers who are more difficult to reach
Not as expensive as other forms of marketing
A good way to maintain an authentic focus on your target audience
Top 10 Examples of B2B Influencer Marketing
Because the best way to learn about something is through experience, I've outlined 10 examples of successful B2B influencer marketing from some huge brands for you to review, understand, and potentially implement into your marketing strategy.  
1. Synechron with Chatbots
Chatbots have been on center stage from a marketing standpoint this year. Chatbots have made a number of tasks easier for consumers. From ordering a pizza to booking a flight, the opportunities are endless. Just how does B2B influencer marketing fit in? A perfect example of this is Synechron. The company leveraged various financial services to then incorporate chatbots into their business in order to solve various challenges it was facing, some of which included banking, trading, and insurance problems.

These chatbots can be integrated into social media platforms, such as Facebook, thanks to tools like Chattypeople. Chatbots helps you boost your business capabilities through AI-powered chatbots that can undertake a variety of tasks; for example, placing orders, taking payments, and pushing offers and promotions on demand.

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2. TopRank with Content Marketing
Content marketing is still a very powerful organic tool that can help you boost engagement, maximize your reach, and improve the quality of your leads. TopRank incorporated B2B influencer marketing into its content marketing strategy in order to promote the 2014 Content Marketing World Conference. TopRank asked its 40+ influencers to compile a list of advice they would give aspiring content marketers. From there, valuable content was created in the form of e-books, blog posts, and long-form Q&A interviews, from which readers could learn.
3. IBM with Employee Advocacy
There is no one who understands your products and services better than the people who are being paid to sell them. Let your employees do some of the talking by making them your brand advocates. A B2B company that makes their employees influencers is IBM. IBM's Marketing Social Business Program Director, Amber Armstrong, was quoted on Dynamic Signal's website saying they, "drove 50,000 new registrations to IBM Verse in the first two weeks of launch, a lot of that is due to employee advocacy."
4. Okta with Customer Content Marketing
Aside from your employees, who know everything there is to know about your brand, products, and services, customers also value the opinions of other customers. This is because clients do not have a reason to lie. They will speak about your company without any bias and if positive, client testimonials are essential to the success of your B2B content strategy. Okta, an identity and device management company, did this very well by asking its clients to share their experiences with the brand and then published these in the form of stories that show how their services helped their clients do their job more efficiently. Some of their clients, and in turn, influencers, included News Corp, Adobe, and 20th Century Fox, all of which had their own landing pages, with media like statistics, videos, quotes, and various relevant blog posts.

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5. SAP with Video Marketing
Video marketing is an engaging way to attract and maintain an audience. If you couple video marketing with a celebrity or influential figure, you've hit the jackpot. SAP, a software solutions provider, is the perfect example of a company that used B2B influencer video marketing to promote its Sapphire Conference. The event, which attracts m

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